Poisonous mushrooms in Norway


Get to Know Local Mushrooms

Foraging for edible mushrooms is a rewarding hobby, but to do so safely requires knowledge. Digesting poisonous mushrooms can cause temporary discomfort or life threatening injuries. Thus it is vital to learn which Norwegian mushrooms contains harmful toxins.

Please visit Norwegian Institute of Public Health to find information about poisonous mushrooms in Norway in your language. The information is available in Arabaic, Bulgarian, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Rumenian, Russian, Serbocroatic, Spanish, Thai, German, Hungarian and Vietnamese. 

The Norwegian Foraging and Mycology Society hosts inspection booths all over the country during the fall, where you can bring your mushroom harvest. Our trained volunteered will help you discard inedible mushrooms, so you can safely enjoy the rest. You can find more information about time, date and location on soppkontroll.no.


Our job is to help you enjoy the beauty of Norwegian forests safely!