Forum for Mushroom Dyers (FFS)

FFS (Forum for Mushroom Dyers) is a group of members in Norges sopp- og nyttevekst­forbund (NSNF).  They have a common interest of mushroom dyeing.  The group is led by a committee of 5.  One of those represents the board of NSNF.  FFS has also representatives responsible for the different regions of Norway. 

The committee is in 2017/2018 led by Anna-Elise Torkelsen.  Gry Handberg represents the board of NSNF.  The other members are Grete Hollerud, Inger Walker and Lise Walter

FFS’ main task is to inspire, share experiences and experiment with different mushrooms and chemicals.  And also to bring together the mushroom dyers of Norway.  A national meeting is organized annually in the various regions.

Logo for Forum for Mushroom Dyers (FFS)