About 18th International Fungi & Fibre Symposium

The 18th International Fungi and Fibre Symposium (18. IFFS) will be arranged in Oslo, Norway from 13. – 19.8.2018.

Mushroom dyers in the Norwegian mycological association (NSNF) invite all friends of mushroom dyeing to the 18th International Fungi and Fibre Symposium. The venue for the symposium is Rønningen Folk High School in Oslo.

Here you will have the possibility of dyeing with mushrooms, experimenting with different handicraft techniques, making paper, watercolour painting with mushroom pigments, mushroom forays in the forests around Oslo, listen to interesting lectures, participate in discussions -  and also meet new and old friends. There will also be a cultural program. A lot to look forward to!

Forum for mushroom dyers (FFS) is a forum within NSNF and is led by a group of five members who are also the arranging committee for the 18. IFFS. You can read more about FFS here.

Accommodation, workshops and lectures take place in the folk high school. You can read more about accommodation and registration further down.

About the program

There will be workshops Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Thursday all participants will be invited for a full day event. On Saturday you will have the possibility of pot-luck dyeing (remember to bring your own pre-mordanted yarn.)

About the workshops

You will find the list of workshops and how and when to register here as soon as they are ready. We may not be able to fulfil all your wishes, but will do our best.  Registration for workshops is done by answering an email sent to all registered participants.

Registration and payment for the symposium

The symposium can take a maximum of 100 participants. If more persons want to participate, there will be a waiting list. Registration for the symposium will open January 1st, 2018.  The registration form will be found on this page after that date.

After you have registered, you will get an invoice on the registration fee of NOK 2.200,- by email. The fee has to be paid by March 1, 2018

General information

* Name is required
* Country is required
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* Phone number is mandatory

Symposium contributions

Meals and accommodation

Meals and accommodation

Rønningen Folk High School is a boarding school, situated at Kjelsås in Oslo. The address is: Myrerskogveien 54, 0495 Oslo.

The accommodation takes place in the school dormitories, in shared rooms. Booking of accommodation has to be done directly to Rønningen Folk High School (post@oslohostel.com) between January 1st and February 1st. Please also inform us about who you would like to share the room. You may book rooms ahead of the start of the Symposium, but there are no possibilities of staying after Sunday August 19th.  

The price per person in a shared room, all meals included, is NOK 4300,-. (From lunch Monday till breakfast Sunday.)

Please inform us about special diets.

Once registration opens on  January 1st, 2018, there will be an option to register for meals, but no accommodation.

The price for all meals except breakfast is NOK 2000,-

The cost of accommodation and meals will be paid directly to Rønningen Folk High School.  Please mark your payment “18 IFFS 2018”.

Bank info:

Account no. 1730 11 50202, Sparebanken Nor


IBAN no. NO28 1730 1150 202

How to get there:


How to get from Oslo Airport Gardermoen and from Oslo central station.


Rønningen Folk High School's webpage  

A video about Rønningen Folk High School

We wish you a warm welcome!